Sauna for new era

HeatPraxia was born from the desire to bring to our climate the perfect balance of ancient philosophy and contemporary rejuvenation creating a wellness sanctuary. Take control of your mental health and physical well-being and immerse yourself in the exquisite sauna experience that will change your life.

A Modern Wellness Studio

HeatPraxia was a thousand years in the making.

The idea of bringing the ancient practice of sauna bathing to our community has been a dream realized. We’re proud to share our appreciation for the sauna lifestyle and offer a place where people can discover its healing benefits, and enjoy tranquility, relaxation, and well-being – right here in the heart of Coeur d’Alene.

Our Team

A Knowledgeable Team. A Warm Welcome.

Heather Gallegos
Heat Practitioner

A wife and a mother of three children, Heather values relationships, natural wellness, nutrition, fitness, and holistic health. In addition to the vast scientific literature she has read on the topic, the benefits of sauna and contrast therapy are something Heather has experienced herself—further supporting her belief in caring for the whole person. With a long history in service and leadership, Heather is excited to share the sauna culture with her community.