The Ritual That Brings Results.

Staying true to ancient sauna traditions, we have developed #theHPXregimen, an experience that will leave you feeling restored and set you on a journey to your best personal health and wellness.

Our Recommended Praxia


We recommend 15 minutes of heat therapy in the sauna of your choice, followed by a 5- or 10-minute cool down in front of the infrared therapy. Then back to the sauna for another 15. Exit, towel off, cool down, freshen up, and move into the chill zone.

Contrast therapy

Cold Plunge

Enjoy the added health benefits of an ice plunge in combination with sauna therapy: fifteen minutes in the heat, then 2 minutes in the ice plunge tub. Repeat the cycle twice through, focusing on your breathwork during the plunge.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is proper sauna use at HeatPraxia?

Step into your private room and exhale all the chaos of the world you are leaving. Enter and exit the sauna as quickly as possible (shut the door behind you) as the heat is meant to stay inside the sauna. Enter the sauna with as little clothing as possible. If in the VIP sauna, make sure you are not naked. It’s never appropriate to sit directly on the bench. Make sure to sit on the provided towel, and remove it when you are done.
The bottom bench is not meant for sitting but for stepping up to the top bench, where you want to sit and/or lay. Within your first 5-6 minutes, löyly (pour water over the rocks) to create humidity in the atmosphere. Exit the sauna after 10-12 minutes to cool down. Dry off. Put your goggles on and stand in front of the near-infrared panel for 4-5 minutes. Remove your goggles and enter back into the sauna. Repeat until your time is up

How often and for how long should I use the sauna?

The ranging published studies state that for the benefits of sauna bathing, someone should “sauna bathe” 4-7 times per week.

Proper sauna use of 10-12 minutes with a cool-off period of 4-5 minutes, repeat, should take up 50-55 minutes of each session.

What are COVID-19 protocols?

At HeatPraxia, we provide a touch-less therapy/experience for all patrons. With private sauna booths, there is no contact with staff or patrons unless requested by the patron. Our saunas are cleaned out and disinfected thoroughly after each sauna session.

Can saunas prevent COVID-19?

Saunas should not be used to prevent, treat, or cure COVID-19. For the latest guidelines on COVID-19 protection and prevention, please visit CoronaVirus.gov.

What are the health benefits of sauna use?
Below are a few of the most polarizing studies regarding immune health, respiratory health, and reducing the risk of pneumonia.