Welcome to your wellness escape.

We are a community founded on personal growth in a hot and cold environment. Reset and rekindle body, mind, and soul at HeatPraxia.

Discover yourself in the ancient practice of deliberate hot and cold exposure. Invigorate your mental and physical health in a beautiful space for holistic wellness.

Coeur d’alene sauna studio

Ancient ritual. Modern relief.

Welcome to a place of belonging. A five-star experience—rooted in tradition, made for today. A perfect escape, a clean and beautiful retreat. For those seeking health, longevity, and stress relief. Find emotional and physical well-being here. Welcome. Step into HeatPraxia. Sauna for a new era.

Get in. Let go.

Our wellness ritual. For health. For life.


Start your practice off with a 15-minute sauna + 5 minutes of infrared therapy + another 15 minutes of sauna. Join those who have found relief from inflammation, pain, insomnia, and stress + support for cardiovascular and immune health.


For the ultimate experience, follow your 15-minute sauna with a 2-minute ice plunge. Repeat the full contrast therapy cycle twice to discover an invigorating world of benefits including relief for inflammation and sore muscles.


For optimal benefit, we recommend a praxis—of sauna + contrast therapy sessions 2 to 4 times a week. Start your restorative regimen at HeatPraxia.


An established practice, action, or custom.

HeatPraxia can help you develop a healthy practice of your own in a beautiful environment. Increased frequency of sauna bathing is associated with a reduced risk of sudden cardiac death (SCD), fatal coronary heart disease (CHD), fatal cardiovascular disease (CVD), and all-cause mortality.¹


Less likely to develop dementia.


Increase in oxygen levels when regular sauna bathing is combined with ice therapy.


Lower risk of developing high blood pressure, after regular sauna bathing.


Hear from our happy customers

Heat Praxia has been a game-changer for my health and recovery. The staff, atmosphere and location is all top-notch. You won't regret checking it out.

Kyle Vandever

Without question, HeatPraxia is one of my favorite places in Coeur d'Alene. I can't recommend it enough. After one session I knew I needed a membership. Every sauna is perfectly cleaned, sanitized, and extraordinary, each one having a different wood, which makes it interesting to try different saunas. The staff is incredible; very knowledgeable about anything you could think of sauna or cold plunge related. I've learned a lot in just a month since I started coming here. Particularly about breathing techniques and using a sauna is equitable to moderate exercise. Altogether, it is a wonderful experience every time I step foot here.

Brian Karsann

HeatPraxia is a wellness escape! When walking in, you are greeted by welcoming staff that take you on a tour of the studio. Everything is BEAUTIFUL! From the custom saunas to the VIP room with Contrast Therapy (Sauna and Cold Plunge). After my first sauna session in my private room, I felt revived! They provided me with all the amenities you could think of. Water, Hydrogen Water, electrolytes, a frozen towel, a water spritzer, high quality towels, organic lotions, etc..

Hannah Cruz

I go to Heat Praxia a few times a week and absolutely love it. They have several different saunas to choose from, red light therapy and a few cold plunge stations. Not to mention it’s an exceptionally clean facility and they provide you with everything you could possibly need (towels, water, tea, you name it) I highly recommend this place if you’re looking to relax and/or recover!

Colby C.

HeatPraxia has been a life changing experience for me over the last three months. The staff is extremely informative on the health benefits associated with sauna/ cold plunge. I regularly recommend to friends and family to try their services. It will not disappoint!

Lauren Stone

This place is awesome! Caleb at the front was super helpful and professional. I enjoy the benefits from exposure to the cold & heat- reduced inflammation, reduced stress, improved blood flow, improved sleep, improved focus and an overall sense of calm. Check it out!

Dustin Poe

Elemental wellness

Sauna & ice therapy advocates

“Sweating and breathing in hot sauna air to sterilize after meditation. Stay calm, collected, and healthy everyone. Everyone should use sauna therapy in their health and wellness regimen and journey.“

Joe Rogan

MMA, Athlete

“Physically, nothing is more reinvigorating than a deep, healthy sweat every day. On the other side, mentally we emerge relaxed, revived, and ready for whatever the day may bring. Stress fades and muscles relax.“

Michael Phelps

Swimming, Athlete

“Cold plunging is an age-old tradition with numerous mental, physical, and health benefits. Ice therapy will help you with joint and muscle pain, help you better able to cope with stress, and will improve your mood and well-being.“

Wim Hof

Alpinism, Athlete

“With numerous health benefits, sauna bathing is proven to be extremely helpful for mental health, as well, reducing symptoms of depression. Like exercise, long-term sauna use improves blood pressure, reduces inflammation and stress.“

Rhonda Patrick

Physician, Athlete

“Known as the great training for the mind, ice bath will help you cope better and maintain a calm, clear mind when confronted with real-world stressors. Cold exposure increases metabolism, level of energy and focus. “

Dr. Andrew Huberman

American neuroscientist